Scheduled Waste

Scheduled Waste Management Packaging / Handling & Waste Disposal



This particular service is the highest contributor to our yearly profit for the year 2016 and 2017. The team of expertise and well trained manpower assigned to handle hazardous waste in accordance to DOE guidelines. Our customers are Cenviro Services Sdn Bhd and Cenviro Recycling and Resourcing Sdn Bhd. In brief, Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations, 2005 requires hazardous wastes to be properly packaged, labelled and stored by waste generators before sending the waste to Cenviro.

Waste generators are responsible to ensure that the scheduled wastes generated and stored temporarily in their premises pending further treatment or disposal. FVSB team is responsible to pack and handle the schedule waste according to the DOE regulations. The methodology of the packaging is to be determined by our expert and with the advice of Cenviro chemist.

Amongst the vital elements towards proper management of scheduled wastes to be considered is the selection of suitable location for storage area, design of storage area, selection of suitable storage containers and the use of appropriate hazard communication based on hazardous characteristics, as well as good practices in managing or handling the scheduled wastes containers. These elements are crucial as to prevent leakages or spillages of scheduled wastes which could pose immediate danger to its surrounding environment.